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Starting June 14th the WCWC will be open for outdoor programing only, the building remains closed due to Provincial restrictions.
Hours are Monday, Wednesday: 9am to 7pm; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am to 430pm; Saturday, Sunday: closed. Washrooms will be available for those registered for programs.


Hours of Operation (as of July 27, 2021)

Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
9:00am to 7:00pm 9:00am to 2:00pm Closed


Arriving at the WCWC

  • Members are required to line-up outside the WCWC until 10 minutes prior to the booking start time or class start time.
  • Members must line-up until the Security/Staff indicate they are OK to enter, temperature checks will be taken.
  • Once in the centre, Members must check themselves by visiting a customer service clerk and answering screening questions.
  • Walk-ins (those who have not previously booked or registered) are permitted, based on remaining WCWC capacity. If a walk-in arrives and there is capacity in the resource they are requesting access to (i.e. general workout area, woodshop), you will need to book into an available spot. If there are no available spots, the Member is permitted to wait outside or in their vehicle to see if capacity becomes available. As Members leave the WCWC, waiting Members will be permitted access on a one-in one-out basis, as long as they intend to use the same area as the departing Member. These Members must be checked in, and agree to leave the WCWC at the end of the Member use period, regardless of the WCWC entry time.

While at the WCWC

  • Please ensure social distancing is observed.
  • Please adhere to signage, this is for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Please follow the directional arrows to your designated area.
  • The Canal Bistro will remain closed until further notice.
  • Change rooms will be closed until further notice.
  • Lockers will be off limits; please come “dressed to play.”  Proper footwear can be switched out in the facility.
  • Please use the water bottle fill station to fill water bottles only.
  • While in any Provincial stage other than Green/Prevent maximum time in the WCWC at one time is 90minutes.
  • Please do not bring items from other rooms, such as chairs or table into the program rooms that has not been previous set up by staff.

Indoor Programming – Modified Stage 1

  • Indoor Fitness Programs will be modified to make sure we are running classes that can achieve our desired level of safety, while still giving our Members the great experience they have come to expect.
  • The programs in our Modified Stage 1 schedules will allow us to promote physical distancing and take into account the exertion level of participants in order to reduce exposure to Members and Instructors at the WCWC. Programs were selected after a careful review of fitness industry practices given the current circumstances.
  • Other programs will be considered as we progress towards normal operations.

Drop-Ins – Modified Stage 1

  • Fitness Room timeslots will need to be booked prior to coming into the facility; walk-ins will need to book time; see walk-ins under the Arriving at the WCWC section.
  • Will need to be booked prior to coming into the facility; walk-ins will need to book time; see walk-ins under the Arriving at the WCWC section.
image of a young woman wearing a mask

Protect each other wear a face covering

Cover your nose, mouth, and chin as required by the Face Covering By-law. Does not apply to children under the age of five and those who are unable to wear a face covering as a result of a medical condition or a disability.

Mask will be worn in all common areas until you are in your “fitness zone”; once in your “fitness zone” then you are permitted to take the mask off. Those who cannot wear one due to health reasons do not need to disclose the reason, just that they are not wearing one due to health.

Do I need to wear my face covering while working out at a fitness facility?

No, you don't need to wear a face covering while participating in a sport or other strenuous physical activity (this includes water-based activities). If you're entering and exiting the fitness facility, in the change room or washroom, your face covering should be worn.

Do I need to wear a face covering in a pavilion or a tent?

No. Wearing a face-covering only applies to enclosed public places.

Do I need to wear a face-covering when in the WCWC?

A face covering must be worn while in the WCWC while not participating a sport or other strenuous physical activity (this includes water-based activities).

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